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My TEDx Talk... (in Spanish) 

I am a certified Teen Girl Life Coach, holding a B.S. in Psychology and currently finishing my Master's in Psychology. Apart from that, I'm a TCK mom, 25+ years expat, language lover, TEDx speaker, and writer. I strongly believe in the process of Life Coaching for adolescent girls. Through my personalized coaching at GlobalGirlCoach, girls will feel empowered, deepen their self-awareness, boost their self-esteem, and learn valuable life skills.

Testimonials in English

Coaching helped me a lot to organize my thoughts and to know how to act in specific situations. It was never about avoiding "bad things about me" but about accepting them and using them in my favor and I think that is perfect! It was a great experience for me and I completely recommend coaching!

Pao, Mexico

Coaching and working with Andrea was a great experience. I was able to talk with her about issues that you normally don´t share with your parents. We did fun activities that taught me to ask myself personal questions such as "which people do I surround myself with". This was like an interior reflection about my life. Andrea also helped me to accomplish things that I was too lazy to do and I was trying to avoid.

I want to thank Andrea for her great work. I highly recommend her for people who have difficulty sharing their private issues and want to reach their goals. Andrea is a great person to confide in. 

Ximena, Mexico

Highly recommended for all parents, the perfect gift for your children! My experience as a mom of two teenage girls who were able to live the coaching experience was excellent and outcomes were immediate. They both clarified their goals, identified what held them back but even better what ignited them. They obtained better security and auto control with homework. The companionship of Coach Andrea Schmitt is professional but at the same time, she led the sessions with lots of empathy. 

Leonor, Mexico

Testimonios en español

El coaching me ayudo mucho a organizar mis pensamientos y saber como actuar ante ciertas situaciones. ¡En ningún momento se trató de rechazar las cosas  "malas de mí" si no aceptarlas y usarlas a mi favor, y pienso que eso está genial! ¡Fue una gran experiencia para  mí y recomiendo totalmente el coaching!

Pao, México

Coaching fue una gran experiencia el que Andrea trabajara conmigo. Pude hablar de cosas que normalmente uno no quiere compartir con sus padres con gran seguridad. Hicimos actividades super divertidas en las cuales uno se pregunta cosas como "de que tipo de gente está formado tu círculo cercano". Era una reflexión interior sobre mi vida. También me ayudo a hacer cosas que me daban flojera o trataba de evitar.

Quiero agradecerle a Andrea por el gran trabajo. La recomiendo muchísimo a personas que tienen problemas en compartir cosas privadas que uno tiene que sacar o también si estás tratando de lograr tus metas. Ella es una muy buena confidente

Ximena, México

Ampliamente recomendable a todos los padres, un extraordinario regalo para los hijos; mi experiencia como madre de dos jovencitas que vivieron el programa de coaching, fue excelente y de logros inmediatos. Ellas clarificaron sus metas, identificaron lo que las detenía, pero aún mejor que lo que las impulsaba, adquirieron mejor seguridad y autodirección en sus tareas. El acompañamiento de la Coach Andrea Schmitt es profesional y al mismo tiempo dirige las sesiones con empatía!.

Leonor, México


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