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10 gift ideas for Mother's Day

Need a gift for mom? Here are some suggestions... (if you are the mom, just pass this on to your husband, the kids, or both...) No or little cost 1. The best and most thoughtful gift, I think, is a handwritten card. By “handwritten”, I mean “filled with your own words”. So, not a Hallmark card with just your signature! Be creative. Think about what she helped you with this year, what you appreciated her doing, or why you admire her. It will take a bit of time, but no or little money. You can even fold up a piece of paper and add a little drawing, and it will be special just because your words will be on it. I tell you, this gift never gets old… 2. Another idea would be anything handmade by you. This could be a painting, a poem, or a beautifully framed photo. All moms love those gifts!

3. Bake her a cake or cookies, or prepare a simple meal. This will make her feel appreciated. Also, clean up the kitchen afterward (just saying).

4. Make a Spotify music album for her with her favorite songs or a YouTube compilation with 10 20-minute yoga sessions with a yoga teacher you know she likes.

Little cost 5. What about buying her favorite “treat” like chocolate, coffee, or cookies? What does she hide and doesn’t let you eat? Or what does she only buy for special occasions? That would be exactly what I would buy for her. 6. Does your mom hate getting her hair wet in the shower? Then get her a fun shower cap. The sillier, the better. Ah, and make her put it on after unpacking it and take a photo…. 7. Is your mom complaining about needing more peace and quiet (does your dad snore, or does she wake up to the tiniest sound?)? Then buy her these earplugs. I have used them myself for a few years, and the noise of the TV in the living room, my noisy neighbor’s dog, or the tourists in the next hotel room can do whatever they want. I don’t hear them anymore… More costly 8. This unusual card game, “We are not really strangers” family edition, will make your whole family talk. There are interesting questions about funny topics, so no awkward silence around the dinner table anymore... 9. If your mom is really busy and doesn’t have time to keep a diary, then this “One sentence Journal” might be a good idea. For the next 5 years, she needs to write just one sentence a day, and in 2028 she will have a beautiful memory book! 10. Who loves funny socks? Oh, your mom? Me too! I found these socks really cute. They have lots of designs, and it is so much fun to choose a pair for her (and maybe your dad as well…). P.P.S.: 4 Expensive gift ideas, so maybe better for dad to buy… 11. Heated Blankets are good for the months when your mom wants to curl up on the sofa with a hot chocolate. We have this big soft pink one, and I and my daughter love it! If mom always has cold feet when she travels, this smaller heating pad is great to carry along. 12. Has your mom been complaining about having a hard time getting out of bed, especially in the winter months? A wake-up lamp helps with opening your eyes up slowly. My daughter has been using this one for a few years and loves it. 13. Does your mom need new headphones to have more privacy, listen to music, and catch up on audiobooks? I have been using Apple Air Pod Pro for a while now and love them. If your mom has these and always loses one of them, please know that you can buy just one replacement pod from the Apple Store. If she wants complete privacy and to be “in her own world,” then these new noise-canceling Apple Air Pod Max headphones are a great idea. A much cheaper alternative are the Beats Flex wireless. 14. Your mom loves to read but doesn’t have time to read? Just get her a membership at, where she can find the newest books in audio format. That way, she can do the driving, cooking, and other chores while listening to something interesting. Ask me, I have had a membership since 2005, and I actually think I am one of their earliest members… 15. Does your mom work from home and needs the rest of the family “to be quiet”? This white noise machine will give her some privacy when she is working or on a Zoom call. I have been using this the model, whenever I am working and not alone at home for over 2 years now. I hope these gift ideas help you (and the rest of your family) find a nice present for your mom. If you have some tips of your own, please send them my way, and I will make another list inspired by all the daughters from my community. Kindly, Andrea

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