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When my daughter grew up, I didn´t know that she was officially called a TCK (Third Culture Kid). The first time I heard that term though, it suddenly all made sense. I noticed that somebody had taken the time to give our kids a name that explained what they were. People have written books about our children, about their struggles and challenges, about their strengths and weaknesses, about their lives.

Even "regular" teenage girls often struggle to confide in parents during the teen years and feel that a lot of pressure and stress is building up. But adding to that the TCK challenge, our girls often don´t have the family network or lifelong neighbors to talk to, so it can be even more challenging.


I will provide your daughter with a safe space where she can find her way, plan her goals and stay true to herself with guidance in order to find answers for life´s challenging questions and help her find a positive outlook while she is roaming the TCK world.


Throughout the sessions, she will better understand herself, gain confidence and in order to be able to navigate challenges, I provide her with tools and empower her to be the person she wants to be through an action-based process.


Because of my cross-cultural experience and understanding, I am able to coach in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and German) and I am just around the corner, wherever you are.


One session at a time, I will assist your daughter to discover her strengths!

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