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Third Culture Kids, third culture girls, teenage girls living in foreign countries,  teen girls living abroad, expat families

You obviously know what a TCK (Third Culture Kid) is, but others don´t! Other people don´t even understand what a third culture is, they don´t get you and have a hard time understanding your struggles. Because to them, you have lived a privileged life, so what do you complain about?  They might think you are making all the countries you have visited and lived in, up. And you can´t possibly speak three languages fluently, can you?

My daughter lived through all of that. And I remember how hard it was for her to move, meet new people and say good-bye to them. Add to that the normal challenges of teenage years, and I can see the problems piling up for you.

Often, you can´t share those thoughts with your parents because they have their own struggles with the new move, their work and setting up a new home. You don´t want to burden them with problems that might make things only more difficult and you think you should be able to get a grip on yourself on your own. So, the stress is building up and you feel simply overwhelmed!

But sometimes you just need a sympathetic ear, a safe and confident place to share your struggles and frustrations, your anxiety and stress. To simply vent and brain vomit!

I can offer that judgment-free space for you and together we will find ways to work through them with great tools, tips, and tricks! Let´s get your self-confidence up and plan for the future so you will be prepared for the world while being on the road!

If your mom asks you to talk to me, give it a chance, at least once! That way we can see if we connect and would be a good fit!

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