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The teenage years can be hard on both the teen and the parents. Especially us moms, as we can relate to the feelings of our girls. We remember our struggles of those years: the body image issues, the mean girls, the pressure at school, the unsure future and the overall feeling that nobody understood us. I loved my parents, but even I struggled to confide in them because I thought I should figure it out myself and be perfect. 


That was then; add to that social media and having to be available 24/7 and all that it includes, and it is no wonder that our girls nowadays feel even more pressure and stress building up, their overwhelm is real!

Worst of all, they retract from the people closest to them, us, their parents, because they want to be independent, so they pull away and you are somehow left to wonder if they are okay. You don´t know because you only get short or no answers and you wish they would talk to someone, but not anyone, someone you trust!

As a certified teen coach, I am here to provide guidance so your daughter can find answers for life´s challenging questions, to offer a safe place to talk through all her problems, to listen to her when she voices her thoughts and to help her find a positive outlook.

Your daughter will receive tools to better understand herself, gain confidence in order to be able to navigate life´s challenges, to empower her, so she can stand up for herself and be the person she wants to be through an action-based process.


One session at a time, I will help your daughter to discover her strengths!

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