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The teenage and young adult years can be hard and I know that your struggle is real! You do have a lot of things on your mind and the feeling of overwhelm is not only in your head! You might feel stressed and completely overwhelmed because of academic pressure, body image, low self-esteem, friendship drama and as you know, even more. Social media and being available 24/7 is on top of all that.


Communication with your parents can be difficult in those moments because you have the feeling that they don´t really understand you and sometimes you wish you could talk to somebody else.  But it would have to be someone who is neither a family member nor a friend. I certainly remember that I wished I had a person who would just listen to me, help me figure things out myself and be by my side.  And you know what? My daughter asked me if she could have a life coach. First I was surprised, but I agreed and she has just had a celebration coffee meeting with her coach because they celebrated 50 coaching sessions!

What would I do as a life coach? I would offer you a sympathetic ear, no judgment and a toolbox with solutions, tips, and tricks with which you can find your way to live and be yourself! We work together to reach your goals, find a positive outlook on life and make it more enjoyable.

I can also help you to work through academic challenges, time management, and procrastination as I have gone back to studying myself...


Will I tell you exactly what to do? No,  but I´ll help you figure it out yourself, I´ll be your personal coach.


So, when your mom suggests that we should meet, give it a chance, talk to me at least one time, and let´s see if we connect!


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