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10 Gift Ideas for your Teen Girl (TCK or not)

It's this time of year yet again. If Christmas has been sort of creeping up on you and you still need a gift for your teen daughter, then here are 10 gift ideas. I tried to order them more or less from cheap to expensive... These are not affiliate links by the way, I just want to share some suggestions, so "from me to you".

1. A gift certificate for an "evening alone with mom", a "family game night", or "cookie baking with mom" gets you from a vague idea to action. Once it's in your daughter's hands, you just have to fix the date and time, and you'll have some quality and fun time planned!

2. Who doesn't like fluffy slippers like these or these? You can find them at a local store or an online site.

3. Do you have a daughter who loses her earrings often? Then an inexpensive earring set might be the solution (I borrowed this idea from my daughter, who bought this for herself...)

4. Does your daughter experiment with makeup? Maybe a vanity mirror should be in one of her packages, so that she doesn't use yours anymore.

5. "I wrote this book about you" is the perfect personalized idea for the girl you love. Just fill in the blanks and create a special gift for her.

6. Here's a cute little mobile phone stand so that she doesn't have to hold her phone when she talks to you or her friends.

7. A personalized little jewelry box she can take along while traveling or keep everything in one place.

8. If she loves animals, and you live in a climate where this would work, this clear bird feeder might be the highlight of Christmas.

9 The Polaroid camera has made its way back into many homes. If your daughter is interested in taking photos, this might be a great gift.

10. Your daughter might roll her eyes at you, but it's still a good idea to write passwords down, I think... Here is a password word booklet that might do the trick.

I hope these ideas help you find the present you are still seeking.

Here are more gift tips from last year. Some are for girls who have difficulty getting out of bed, who are anxious, and there are also some fun ones.

P.S.: One extra tip: If you have a daughter who's dyslexic and loves books but loathes the reading process, introduce her to audiobooks. I think is a great solution. Ask me and my daughter, as we have been members since 2005…

Happy Holidays to you and your family, wherever you will be during these days.

Kindly, Andrea

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